Extending the knowledge-of-the-body

About the artwork
At the margin of the flow, with its varied and temporary contour, inhabits a fertile space for germination.
Humid land, near presence of water.
Unstable but generous territory, favorable to new experiences.
On this edge of river, having hands like instruments, dirty clothes are wet, rubbed, rinsed.
Laid down after.
Touching where one steps, stretched, vulnerable on the oblique ground.
Gathered, unarmed of conscience, they undress with longing another landscape over the one that already existed.
Water drains, evaporates from the costumes.
Little by little, in the natural time of drying out.
Forgotten under the act.
Of the wind,
Of the sun,
Of the air.
With no command, nor swiftness.
Will be disposed, at some moment, for a new course.
Of practice and potency.
Familiar to the body, they will function as flexible molding shell, different colorations.
As a second transient skin, they will protect and delimit what is outside and what is inside.
But however clean they may become, they are adept at dribbling maliciously the sensible.
They know, in exchange for their chores, to keep secrets very well in the wefts.
Without any fanfare, they hide in themselves remnants of narratives waiting to be deciphered.
Coming from inside and outside the body, seeking to make sense.
As living memories of the effects of the living world on our equally alive body.
Bypassing in our tactile universe the forms and forces that act and inhabit the know-how of the body.
2016, photographic series, 80 x 60 cm each
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